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In all of its workforce initiatives, the Council's goal is to foster the development of an adequate supply of skilled workers. Known nationally for leadership in this area, the Council has pioneered programs in two areas:

  • Software Council Fellowship Program, a groundbreaking program that retrained people from other industries for jobs in the software & Internet industry. The program graduated approximately 600 people and served as the model for similar programs in other parts of the country. Ninety-five percent of the graduates were able to find jobs in the industry.
  • Wrote, produced and distributed free to all Massachusetts schools, "The Switched-On Classroom", a guide to writing technology plans for public schools. This publication has been credited with helping to launch the Educational Technology Revolution in Massachusetts. Ten thousand copies of the book were distributed to interested parties in all 50 states and half a dozen countries.
  • Founded and organized the Massachusetts Tech Corps, which recruited volunteers to help with technology-related projects in schools and served as the inspiration for a national rollout of the U.S. Tech Corps. More than 800 volunteers were recruited to assist schools throughout the state.
  • One of three principal organizers, under the leadership of Senator Kennedy, of Massachusetts Net Days, which helped to partially or wholly wire about half the public schools in Massachusetts with the help of more than 15,000 volunteers and more than $26 million in products and services donated to the schools.

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