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(The Hastings Group, Premiere Global Services, and PayMaxx)

Business Services

Telecommunications Services

Save Much More than the Cost of Your Membership!

The Mass Software Council, in cooperation with International Affinity Group (IAG), is introducing a new and expanded suite of discounted services designed specifically for member companies to purchase the crucial business products and telecommunications services they need on a daily basis! Member companies will be able to:

  • Lower operating costs through volume discounts
  • Save time and money through convenient online ordering
  • Use carefully selected vendors committed to competitive pricing and reliable service

Whether your company employs five, fifty or five hundred people, the MemberExtras Program allows small and medium-sized companies to benefit from volume discounts typically accessible only to larger companies and enables large established companies to manage their costs more efficiently.  Companies of all sizes will benefit from the money-saving, negotiated discounts on products and services from the preferred providers listed below:

Business Services

Office Supplies
  • Members save an average of 25-30% off of prices found in Staples stores
  • 2% rebate on orders over $200
  • Convenience Card that enables Members to receive exclusive contract pricing at retail stores
  • Sign up for Staples Business Advantage
Overnight Delivery Services
  • Air and ground shipping – within the U.S. and around the globe
  • Preferred member discounts of up to 25%
  • 24/7 online shipping and tracking
  • Dedicated member support at 1-800-MEMBERS
  • Set up your account or call the dedicated hotline at 1-800-MEMBERS (1-800-636-2377) with questions
Payroll Services
  • One low monthly price with average savings of 10%
  • Payroll processing via the Internet
  • Check and report printing on site
  • XpressPayroll for members with 1-10 employees
  • PowerPayroll for members with 11-150 employees
  • Call PayMaxx toll free at 1-877-729-6299
    (1-877-PayMaxx) or e-mail PayMaxx at for companies with more than 150 employees
  • Free Webinar to learn more about Payroll/HR services from PayMaxx March 9, 11:00 a.m.

Health Insurance
  • Competitive health and dental plans from nine regional and national health and dental insurance carriers
  • Select the carrier that is best suited to your needs at competitive group rates
  • No additional fees to take advantage of this service
  • Companies with 1-9 employees can enroll
  • Call 1-877-777-4414 and identify yourself as a Mass Software Council member

Telecommunications Services

Local & Long Distance Services
  • Discounted business telecommunications services provided by AT&T, MCI, Sprint & Sprint PCS
  • Council Members receive discounts of up to 70% off list prices
  • Services include: Domestic & International Voice (switched & dedicated) and Data services
    Internet and Data Services
  • Internet services: DSL, T-1, DS-3, OC-3 & greater, etc.
  • Data Services (DS-0, Frame Relay, ATM, T-1's, DS-3, etc)
    Wireless Services
  • Sprint PCS for domestic & International wireless voice & data - Council members are eligible for special discounts
  • Send and receive e-mail or access the company network via PCS Business Connectionsm - connect to the Internet and perform time-critical business tasks while working away from the office
  • Sprint PCS Ready Linksm- experience the convenience of two-way “walkie-talkie-style” communication
  • Contact Mark Maher at 1-908-371-1539 or visit for more information
  • Free Webinar to learn more about telecom (voice, data, wireless & Internet) services from The Hastings Group
    Feb. 9, 11 a.m.

Voice and Web Conferencing
  • No cost trial!
  • Cost savings of up to 69% over AT&T
  • No reservations needed / No waiting for operators
  • Easy Access - call in from any phone, including cell phone or any pay phone
  • Security Control
  • 24 x 7 Support
  • Council members receive 2 weeks free audio conferencing when you activate your account online
  • Contact Heidi Ulm at Premiere Conferencing at 1-800-707-8688 for more information
  • Free Webinar to learn more about Audio/Net Conferencing services from Premiere Global Services
    Feb. 15, 11 a.m.

Future Offerings
The Council will evaluate the needs of members on an ongoing basis to periodically add services that will reduce costs, save you time and money, and add value to your Council membership.

All information obtained by the Council and its partners from participants in the MemberExtras Program will be held in confidence and will not be disclosed to an unrelated party.





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