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The Mass. Software Council respects the privacy of visitors to its Web site. The Council believes that if electronic commerce and online activities are to flourish, visitors must be assured that information provided online is used responsibly and appropriately.

What Information Does The Council Collect?

The Council collects primarily business-related information to help us serve our members.
  • The Council's Web Site

The Council does not collect any personal information from users browsing its Web site. Visitors to the Councilís Web site browse anonymously. Only aggregate data are collected. Aggregate data are used only for internal operational and marketing purposes.

The Council does not collect or use "cookies".

  • Council Programs, Publications or Membership Applications

When registering for programs, ordering publications, or applying for membership, users are asked to provide some limited information, including their name, job title, company, business address, business phone, fax and e-mail. Users who choose to provide the Council with their credit card account numbers to make payments also provide the billing address associated with the credit card.

Other than the foregoing, the Council does not solicit or collect other personal information such as home addresses, home phone numbers or home e-mail accounts, except from those specifically requesting home or home office correspondence.

How Does The Council Use the Information It Collects?

The Council uses information submitted by program registrants, purchasers of publications, and applicants for membership to communicate information about our programs and other industry-related activities, and to respond to visitors' interests and needs. The Council also invites program registrants and prospective members to provide company-related information for one of the Councilís key publications, "The Complete Guide to the Massachusetts Software & Internet Industry". Those companies that choose to update or provide company information are included in the "Guide"; those companies who choose not to provide information are not included.

  • Disclosures to Third Parties

The Council collects company-related contact and product information for the "Guide". We make this information available to visitors to our Web site, through an online version of the "Guide", and to related Web sites and organizations. Moreover, this information is sold in print and CD-ROM formats, and it is licensed to MassTech Communications for inclusion in their directories. The Council makes it clear to all companies listed in the "Guide" that the "Guide" is widely distributed in hard copy format and that it is accessible online.

  • Credit Card Account Information

When a credit card is used to make an online purchase, the userís name, address and credit card information are directly submitted to the Councilís e-commerce solutions provider. This information is requested and submitted using a secure (SSL) connection between the userís browser and our e-commerce solutions providerís server as long as the userís browser supports SSL. Our e-commerce solutions provider makes no further use of this information and does not distribute or transmit this information to others.

How Does The Council Ensure Compliance with its Privacy Policy?
    Access to the Councilís network resources is limited to Council employees and to authorized contractors. All site information is stored and housed behind a firewall. No outside persons or computers have permission to enter though this firewall. All Council staff and authorized contractors must have special permission and passwords to access the database from behind the firewall.

    However, the Councilís Web site contains links to other sites. The Council is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Web sites.

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