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Location: IBM, Waltham (North Entrance)
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Sales and Marketing Roundtable: The New Rules of Demand Creation: Lessons for both Sales and Marketing
Friday, January 17, 8:00 - 10:00 AM
IBM, Solution Partnership Center, 404N Wyman Street, Waltham
Registration and breakfast begin at 7:45 AM.

For directions, please visit

Join moderator and marketing veteran Mike Kinkead, CEO of TIMEblaster for a lively discussion on the rules of demand creation to kick off the 2003 Sales & Marketing Roundtable!

Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm, the most respected and widely read book on high-technology marketing, is at it again! In talks around the country, he is presenting some thought-provoking concepts in his as yet unpublished new book (view his slides at In essence, Moore answers the question: how do we sell and market our product and service offerings into a marketplace where customers do not expect to buy anything (where ongoing budget cutting and putting off projects are the norms)? Messages about gain are distrusted...only serious pain relievers are purchased. In this environment, Moore argues that sales must provoke customers into buying and that marketing must focus on generating referrals, not impersonal messaging.

Our conversation will center on answering these questions:

  • How has the customer’s approach to purchasing high -tech goods and services changed recently?
  • What value propositions work and which ones do not work anymore? Do you agree with Moore’s concept of "leaky pipes"?
  • What elements of the marketing mix are most effective in today's climate? How would we implement Moore's concept of "referrals-based marketing" in the context of the specific challenges presented by Roundtable members?
  • What must sales do today to help create demand in the mind of the prospect? How would we implement Moore's concept of "provoking the prospect into buying" in the context of the specific challenges presented by Roundtable members?
  • Of the sales and marketing challenges that we will be discussing, which ones are driven by economic cycles and which ones may be more permanent?

Participants should arrive at the Roundtable prepared to present and discuss the specific problems that you face in demand creation by both sales and marketing (the challenges, what you have tried so far, what's working and what isn't working). Also, be prepared to apply your experience and perspectives to central questions listed above. After a presentation and discussion of Moore's concepts, we will be asking Roundtable members to apply these ideas to the problems presented by two or three Roundtable participants.

At the end of the session, we will be presenting and discussing the suggested Roundtable topics for the rest of 2003.

This event is for CEO's, and senior sales or marketing executives from software or Internet companies only.

Cost: Members
The event is over.

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