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Description: CEO Roundtable for Under $2 Million: Strong Forces Analysis
Tuesday, March 25, 8:00 - 10:00 AM
Reservoir Place, 1601 Trapelo Road, Waltham
Nantucket Room, 3nd Floor

Open to CEOs, Presidents, and Founders of MEMBER software and Internet Companies. You must pre-register, as walkins can not be accommodated. There is a one time $150 enrollment fee that allows participants to attend 6 discussions in calendar year '03. If you have previously attended a session, you still need to register, however, we will know that you are paid to date.

Led by Council Trustee Bill Warner, mentor and investor for several local entrepreneurs and founder of Avid Technology and Wildfire Communications, this group will focus on the unique challenges facing small, emerging companies.

Join us for the second meeting of the Under $2 million CEO Roundtable and get involved in a leadership network that will help you make connections and share information with your peers in the marketplace! For this meeting, each company should be prepared to present the following:

1. A strong force analysis of your current company position, using this criteria:

5 - You absolutely nail this strong force. It gives you huge wind at your back
4 - You get significant momentum from this strong force, but you haven't nailed it yet
3 - Your position neither adds nor subtracts momentum.
2 - you lose momentum here
1 - you seriously lose momentum here; this is a big negative.

2. Be prepared to discuss how you can change your company to nail at least one strong force.

Don't be timid. A price that is 15% below the competition is not a 5, is not a 4. I would call it a 3. Maybe HALF the price is a 5. Maybe you need to be even less.

Remember, no strong forces means no big momentum. You'll be slogging it out every day for the foreseeable future. If you harness strong forces it can drive your company forward in good times and in bad times. Remember the strong forces:

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Distribution
  • Capability as applied to a Market Need
  • Openness and Compatibility
  • Company Aura/Market Perception

Cost: Members
The event is over.

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