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Location: PTC, Needham
Series: (none)

Technology Trends Forum: RFID Technology and Opportunities - WILL YOU BE READY?
Thursday, May 20, 8:00 - 11:00 AM
PTC, 140 Kendrick Street, Needham
Visit the following link for directions

The charge for this program is $60 for Members and $100 for Non-Members who pre-register; $70 for Members and $110 for Non-Members who register at-the-door.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology promises to revolutionize the supply chain and change the way business is done. The world's biggest buyers - from the DoD to international retailers - are requiring their suppliers to place radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on their packaging or products as a condition of doing business. Huge amounts of data will be generated, new applications will be born, existing software must be revised and large integration/implementation projects will be undertaken.

All of this creates a major market potential and new opportunities for technology companies. Are you ready? This program will provide critical information on the significant challenges of the technology, the rapidly emerging opportunities for the software and services sector, and emerging standards.

Panelists will include a noted industry analyst and practitioners engaged in developing RFID technology and solutions.

Panelists to include:

  • Christopher Boone, Program Manager, U.S. Vertical Industry Research: Retail/Wholesale, Energy/Utilities, IDC
  • Burt Rubenstein, Chief Technology Officer, GenuOne (Moderator)
  • Marc Linster, Ph.D., Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Avicon, Inc.
  • Kenneth Traub, Ph.D., Chief Technical Officer, ConnecTerra

"Open Microphone" for Companies Actively Working in RFID
Calling all companies actively working in RFID!
Time will be reserved at the end of the RFID program to give attendees whose companies are actively working with RFID technology a chance at the microphone to shine the "spotlight" on what their company is doing with RFID technology. In order to take advantage of this opportunity:

You must preregister to attend the May 20 RFID program.

Your company must be actively working with RFID technology

You must let us know in advance that you would like to participate by e-mailing us at

With RFID opportunities on the horizon, you cannot afford to miss this program!

Who Should Attend: CEOs, CTOs and anyone focused on new technology markets.

This year's four Technology Trends programs will focus on technology related topics which are (or should be) of greatest interest to the CTO, and frequently the CEO, at technology companies. Organized and led by 7 CTOs of Massachusetts software companies,each program will typically include presentations by four or five experts in the area with ample time set aside for participant questions and lively discussion.

Cost: Members
The event is over.

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