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Location: IBM, Waltham (North Entrance)
Series: (none)
Sales & Marketing Roundtable: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Software Pricing and New Subscription Pricing

Thursday, September 9, 8:00 - 10:00 AM
IBM, Solution Partnership Center
404N Wyman Street, Waltham
For directions, please visit

Registration and breakfast begin at 7:45 AM. The charge for this program is $40 for Members and $50 for Non-Members who pre-register; $50 for Members and $60 for Non-Members who register at the door.

The September Roundtable focuses on one of the most challenging aspects of the software business - pricing. When software isn't properly priced, you are either losing sales because of high prices or leaving money (and profits) on the table because of low prices. This pricing dilemma is further complicated by new subscription-based pricing, recently made highly visible and popularized by

The "Right" Software Price
For every software product offering, there is a right price; a price that is value-justified in the mind of the prospect and that generates an acceptable level of sales and profit for your company. A thoughtful software price will cause both the customer and your sales force to focus on the benefits of using your software rather than on its price. After an interactive presentation by software pricing guru Jim Geisman, Founder and President of MarketShare, Inc., you will be able to answer the following questions about your software pricing:

  • What is the "right" price for our software offering?
  • How do we link our software price to the value it provides to the customer?
  • How do we make this value apparent to both the customer and our sales team?
  • Should we consider subscription pricing, and if so, how do we make the transition?
  • What is different about subscription pricing and what stays the same?
  • If we offer subscription pricing: (1)What is the pricing; (2)Which customers will buy; (3)How will the sales cycle change; and (4)How do we handle the revenue and cash flow implications?
  • How do we introduce a rational structure and discipline to the inevitable discounting of our software prices?
  • How do we reward large purchasers and loyal customers?
  • How do we bundle our products and services to address differing customer needs?

    An Interactive Pricing Problem Conversation
    Following Jim Geisman's session, participants in the September Roundtable will be asked to present their pricing issues to the Roundtable meeting. Please come prepared to discuss the pricing challenges that you face and to contribute your experience to helping address the pricing issues raised.

    Our speaker is highly qualified to assist us with the September Roundtable topic:

    Jim provides senior management counsel and marketing and sales consulting services. Specifically, Jim has focused much of his professional career on the issues of pricing structure, price levels and value-based pricing for the software industry. A former consulting editor of Software Success Newsletter, he is widely published and considered an expert in software pricing strategy and sales negotiations. Jim is on the Board of the Professional Pricing Society and an advisor to early stage companies. Before founding MarketShare, he held marketing management positions at Tektronix and served as the first director of marketing at Apollo Computer. He was also a member of the ARPANET team at Bolt Beranek and Newman. Jim received his BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University where he was elected to Eta Kappa Nu, the EE honor society. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

    Join moderator and sales & marketing veteran Mike Kinkead, Mass Software Council Trustee, for a lively discussion about software pricing. As always, we expect that the September Roundtable will be another productive, interactive learning experience for all participants!

  • Cost: Members
    The event is over.

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