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Location: PTC, Needham, MA
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Technology Trends Forum: Voice Over IP: What's Next?
Tuesday, October 5, 8:00 - 11:00 AM
PTC, 140 Kendrick Street, Needham
Visit the following link for directions

The charge for this program is $60 for Members and $100 for Non-Members who pre-register; $70 for Members and $110 for Non-Members who register at-the-door.

Who Should Attend: CEOs, CTOs and anyone focused on new technology markets.

Voice Over IP (VOIP) telephone services have been available for many years and are now entering the mainstream as some of the telecom giants, such as ATT and Verizon offer VOIP services to compete with established startups like Vonage.

The next wave of VOIP will see live communications incorporated in applications so that users can instantly connect with support reps, sales reps, suppliers, customers or other users to continue their communication using voice in real time.

Attendees at this Technology Trends Forum will get insight into:

  • VOIP Trends projected for the next five years for incorporating VOIP in mainstream applications
  • What customers will expect as "standard" over the next five years
  • The architectural issues and competing architectural standards, protocols and interfaces that facilitate bringing live communications into your applications
  • The problems and pitfalls faced by some early adopters who are already taking this next step

Panelists will represent the vendor side, the user side, and will include an analyst that can provide an overview of the marketplace, the trends, and the business opportunity. Panelists include:

  • Brough Turner, CTO, NMS Communications
  • Steve Smith, CEO, Ampersand
  • Kathryn Korostoff, President, Sage Research
  • Rob McKinney, Director of Product Management, Centra Software

This year's four Technology Trends programs will focus on technology related topics which are (or should be) of greatest interest to the CTO, and frequently the CEO, at technology companies. Organized and led by 7 CTOs of Massachusetts software companies,each program will typically include presentations by four or five experts in the area with ample time set aside for participant questions and lively discussion.

Cost: Members
The event is over.

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